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Driving Rules In Bangladesh

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority was founded under section 2A of the Motor Vehicles prescript 1983 and the following 1987 measure. It has been working from January 1988. BRTA is a regulatory body that can maintain and maintain discipline and road safety related areas. According to road safety, BRTA Fix some rules. All drivers must obey the rules. Also Shimu driving school obey the rules for trainers.

Drive the vehicle left to the road. The minimum driving age in Bangladesh is 18 years. And 65 years of the highest driving age in Bangladesh. Drivers no less than 21 years old, can not drive a medium or heavy motor vehicle, or passengers can not drive more than 20 seats. Drivers and passengers will wear safety seat belts. Public access to vehicles is not permitted in the public, which will cause health risks to smoke.

Non-professional driver’s license for a professional driver license is at least 18 years, 20 years. Speed ​​range in the indoor is 25 km/hr. Third party risk is compulsory. It is not allowed to drive a motor vehicle under the influence of drinks or drugs. Legal blood alcohol level 0.0%. For the first offense, a driver can be kept in jail for three months.

Some important driving rules in Bangladesh are the following below.

  • No car parking or stopping can be placed beside a park.
  • It is not allowed to cross before or on a pedestrian crossing.
  • It is not allowed to stop, stand or park a car on a bus stop and taxicab stand.
  • While driving it is prohibited from using mobile phones and any handheld devices.
  • It is not allowed to run either angle in either ear or to wear a headset in both ears.
  • If a driver of the uniform needs to do this, the motor vehicle must stop his car.
  • If a person does not have an effective driving license, then a public cannot run a motor vehicle.    
  • No vehicle is allowed to operate in a public place until the vehicle is registered.
  • Each motor vehicle should have right-hand steering control.
  • Any police officer in the uniform can check the car, driver’s license, registration certificate, or other documents related to driving.
  • Bangladesh can take out motor vehicles outside Bangladesh outside of Bangladesh

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