About Us

Here you will know about the journey , mision , vision and goal of Shimu Driving School.


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Our story

Shimu Driving School intro:

Shimu Driving School is one of the leading driving school in Dhaka  which Approved by Bangladesh govt(BRTA ) Reg-117/18 . From the beginning Shimu Driving School provide finest driving training by considering road safety as major concern.

So many men and women are getting admitted  every month here to learn the proper driving.  our advanced course curriculum offers to be professionally skilled in driving. Shimu driving school has completed so many corporate companies driving training and also provide training for so many government organisation.  Shimu driving school has a renowned driving training book written by the owner of Shimu Driving School Noor Nabi Shimu.

Shimu Driving School Story

Shimu Driving School is the largest and the most successful Driving School in Dhaka and has been in operation since 2010. Shimu Driving School provides Driver License Acquisition training Courses using its fleet of over 1000 vehicles in different vehicle categories like Vehicle (Car),Light Motor, Heavy Bus, Light Bus,  and Motor Cycles. Around 500 students have acquired their driving licenses from Shimu Driving School since its inception.


Our Vision

To build on our reputation as the leading learner and driver training organization in Bangladesh and to remain at the forefront of road safety awareness.

Our Mission

We strive to improve safety on road through providing motor driving training service that complies with the highest international standards & best practices

Our Goal

Our Goal is to develop drivers in Bangladesh who know how to operate a motor vehicle with poise and confidence, respect the road rules, drive without creating hazardous situations for themselves or others and identify and deal effectively with real and potential hazards.


Why Choose Shimu Driving School

To become a safe and skilful drivers.You get quality training of the international standards. Get training from professional and expert instructors with an average experience of 10 years.


To get served better

Get easy transportation at no extra cost. Choose from our wide range of driving courses and timings with no waiting. Shimu Driving School students have the lowest rate of road accidents after passing