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shimu driving school in dhaka

Driving School in Dhaka

If you are looking for a renowned Driving training institute in Dhaka then here is the exact solution for you. Shimu Driving School approved by Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) REG-117/18. It is one of the renowned driving school in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Shimu Driving School provides finest driving training courses with priority over the issue of road safety.

Driving School in dhaka
Driving School in Dhaka

Nowadays road accident is a very common thing in Bangladesh. Recently we know on 29 July 2018 there are 2 students died by a road accident in Dhaka City which create a massive awareness among the people of Bangladesh on the issue of road safety. At least 2,471  public were died by roads accident in 2018. The reason for the road accident is an unskilled driver without any driving license. Most of the driver doesn’t care about safely issue of Driving.

5 major concern of Shimu Driving School:

As a highly recommended driving school in Dhaka Shimu Driving School is providing motor driving training by considering 5 major issue for car driving :

  1. Safety first for motor driving
  2. No driving without driving license
  3. Understanding all the traffic signal and other signals
  4. Doing more and more practice practically
  5. Ensuring all the safety before car driving
Chanel i Documentary on Driving Training from Shimu Driving School

Here we assist you to pass the driving and permit examinations as well as providing your self-confidence as a driver. Here we are Shimu Driving School want you to teach you to drive the car comfortably and safely. Our professional instructors present main insights and step-by-step information on the best driving techniques, and updated laws and rules of the road. If you can not do this in Shimu Driving School, then we will take you to your position and release you. You can enroll in an appointment schedule to start your driving and permission lessons.

Get us near to you in Dhaka:

If you have any questions or need more information, please give us a call at 01762033206 or send us an email: Or you can find us by using the Google map just type “shimu driving school”

Driving a motor car is not so much hard generally. but it’s not enough that if you only can drive the car by starting the car and also you
are able to move the steering wheel. There is a huge difference among the car driving skills if you are not trained from a training school. A proper car driving skill is not only teaching the technical part of the car but also you have to learn all the traffic signal issues including all the signals of cars.

All over the world, there is some basic difference between car driving rules.  maximum time country to country it varies. Road issues and properties are also different.

If we talk about the road in Dhaka city which is a very crowded city in Bangladesh and every day so many unfortunate car accidents are occurring all over the country. Without proper knowledge of driving many people are driving heavy vehicles which are very unsafe. Driving licence is compulsory car driving in Bangladesh but in the anus of gathering issues people are not so much   conscious and serious about. some of the people in their managing illegal driving licence without any training. where are we trying to train all the people Proper car driving training. Shimu driving school also provide motor driving training in Dhaka city. People are coming to Shimu driving School for car driving from several locations like Mirpur, Uttara, Gulshan, Dhanmondi, Gabtoli, Puran Dhaka Jatra Bari and so may locations.

Why People are recommending us:

The key people of Shimu driving school and instructors are highly skilled in professional car driving beside motor driving. Bangladesh Road Transport authority  Road Transport Aarti( BRTA) highly recommend learner getting the professional car driving training from Shimu driving school. Here are some key point why people are choosing Shimu driving school for car driving:

Reasons why people are recommending shimu Driving School in Dhaka
People are recommending Shimu Driving School
  • Highly skilled car driving instructors.
  • Practical training with regular practice.
  • Taking exam on theoretical and practical knowledge about driving
  • Shimu driving school always make sure 100% training for 100% students.
  • Giving a special knowledge Dhaka city Road forgot driving and water. driving.
  • Providing ebook with the proper documentation of car driving.
  • Helping students to get the driving license.
  • Providing lifetime support for trained students.
  • Taking theoretical class a tremendous classroom environment.
  • Special take care of female students.
  • Ensuring the safety issue Shimu driving school instructing every.
  • student Drive car more safely on the road.

Most importantly we can ensure you that our trained students are successfully moving all over the with the professional skill of driving.

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